This One’s for the Girls

*Disclaimer: Men feel free to read this too. I don’t talk about tampons or anything scary like that. This post is just tailored to my ladies.


We’re made of sugar, spice, and everything nice right?


More like sugar, spice, and sometimes ice.

Idk I’m just trying to rhyme here people.

But ladies, you especially are on my heart.

I’ve grown really passionate about women knowing their worth and falling totally and completely in love with who they are.

And not only fall in love with themselves, but to love and support the women around them.

I desperately want every person reading this to receive these simple truths.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Here we go.

1. Stop being a witch

Women can be catty that’s no secret. I mean go back to the book of Genesis and check out some straight up savage things the women would do to each other.

It wasn’t ever in a physical way, but more in an emotional way.

These women knew just what to say and how to say it to put their fellow sisters down.

They were shooting to kill.

They wanted to crush one another spirits.

It’s been going on since the beginning of time and it still goes on today.

You see it.

I see it.

We do it.

Whether it’s intentional or not, it happens.

We spread nasty rumors.

We call each other degrading names.

We label one another.

We gossip.

We exclude each other.

We put each other down when we should be building one another up.

Repeat after me, women support women.

It’s not a competition.

2. Jealously is U.G.L.Y

Apparently green is the new black, but being green with jealousy won’t EVER be in style.

Stop playing the comparison game.

First of all, you’re awesome and anyone who makes you feel less than that needs to be cut out of your life ASAP.

Second of all, if you have a hard time believing that you’re awesome, I solemnly swear to send you a Ryan Gosling meme every morning telling you just how awesome you are.

Seriously hit me up.

Third of all, instead of using your time to focus on comparing your life to someone else’s, why don’t you… I don’t know… use your energy to focus on improving yourself??

Becoming a better you???

Idk just a thought.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is so confident and in love with herself that she pours that kindness and love into others.

Be a dope soul.

Empower one another.

3. Pass out compliments like it’s candy

We need to be breathing life into one another.

Women are complex.

We have a lot of emotions and many layers.

Help pull back some of those layers.

Comment on that girl’s picture that her outfit is fire *insert fire emoji here*.

Tell that old lady at church she looks beautiful.

Like that girl’s photo.

Tell your waitress you love her bracelet.

Just be kind.

It’s not that complicated.

4. You are more

You are more than your body.

You are more than what people think about you- both good and bad.

You are more than your clothes.

Your are more than your social status.

You are more and none of these things matter.

Your body will age.

Those people don’t know the whole story.

Your clothes will get holes and fade.

Social statuses don’t exist after High school and it’s kind of dumb in the first place am I right??

You are a soul and it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Nurture that.

5. Love is more

Love is more than sweet notes and flowers.

It’s more than treating yourself.

It’s more than liking the same things and long good night texts.

It’s deeper than that.

It’s hanging out alone with yourself and actually enjoying it.

It’s being there for people.

It’s doing something for others without expecting anything in return.

Superficial changing qualities aren’t what keep love going.

It’s making a CHOICE to love every single day.

Life is short and uncertain, but life is really beautiful.

Don’t be remembered as the woman who always looked for the worst in people.

Choose to see the best.

Learn to love life.

Love opportunity.

But most importantly just love.


4 thoughts on “This One’s for the Girls

  1. Always a straight shooter and an encourager with a side dollop of “think about it.” Very masheemable! Speak that which is truth, speak it with love (sometimes tough love), speak it to every ear and heart, speak to lift up and set free! Keep on xinking my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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