Hello, friends! My name is Kiersten (not Kristen or Kirsten and unfortunately it’s like the word orange and rhymes with nothing). Anywaysss welcome to I Want People To (I’m doing a slow hand clap for you as you read this)! I am so excited you were lead to this page and I promise to honor you and your time wisely. I am a twenty-something-year-old who is still figuring this whole life thing out.

I have a deep passion for loving people and I am currently aspiring and perspiring (dreams take blood, sweat, and tears don’t they?) to live out my dream of bringing a little bit of sunshine to this world. I am in love with Jesus and this beautifully imperfect life I was given.

If you like *siLLy*, weird, corny (I make really good dad jokes and I’m not even a dad), sometimes ridiculous people then you’re gonna love this blog. If not that’s cool too we can still be friends. I promise to be raw and authentic as I try to express the way I see, feel, and interpret the world. If I’m being honest this page will probably change a lot because I’m growing and changing every single day, but hey that’s the point ;~)

I am FINALLY (yes I’m really yelling) living a life without fear as I become vulnerable in sharing my life and words with you. I hope to move you, inspire you, or at least maybe give you a good laugh.

I’m a lot of things, but mostly, I’m a work in progress.